acoustic and electronic keys composer | producer

about me

I was born in 1984 in the city of Salzburg where i also made my first steps in music playing the violin.

During high school i switched from classical violin to jazz piano. After graduating i continued my piano studies at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz/Austria with Christoph Cech and Martin Stepanik. I also picked up the violin again and studied with Andreas Schreiber.

I’m currently living in Vienna, working as a freelance musician and composer.

For 10 years now i have been writing music for acoustic piano trio. The first magnificent rhythm-section i worked with was with acoustic bass player Matthias Pichler and drummer Peter Kronreif. In 2007 we recorded “Open-Ended”, my debut as a band-leader. The release of “Open-Ended” lead to us performing numerous concerts in Austria as well as all over Europe and Asia.

While being in New York City, a place i like to travel to as often as possible, i performed with NYC based drummer Nasheet Waits and Austrian electric bass player Stephan Kondert. You can listen to some (unreleased) recordings of this band in the audio player.

Since then i’ve also worked and played in trio formations featuring various magnificent bass players and drummers as Lukas Kranzelbinder, JoJo Lackner, Herbert Pirker, Michael Prowaznik or Andreas Lettner.

Besides improving my skills as a pianist, i have been getting more and more into keyboards, synthesizers, electronics and producing as time went by. Some of this work can be heard on my second album as a leader, the quartet-recording “Common Sense” (2009) which features the amazing austrian musicians Andi Tausch (guitar), JoJo Lackner (electric bass) and Herbert Pirker (drums).

Getting more into synthesizers also led to me playing in some ensembles without a bass-player where i take care of the “bass part”.

In the timeless-contemporary-indie-band “Namby Pamby Boy” i perform mostly with a fender rhodes alongside Fabian Rucker (reeds) and Andreas Lettner (drums). Trumpet player Lorenz Raab, drummer Herbert Pirker and myself on synths and electronics form the realtime-comprovisation-ensemble “CRÈME PROLEAU”.

During the last years i’ve had the pleasure to work with a lot of very talented artists, producers and ensembles which led to me performing about 80-100 times a year. In doing so, i’ve managed to cover quite a wide range of genres (Jazz and Contemporary, HipHop, Rock, Electronica and other noises) which also involved making music for theatre and dance performances or readings.

Here’s an excerpt:

Nina “FIVA” Sonnenberg, PHANDA, S.K.Invitational, Julian le Play, Lylit, Olympique, Thomas Gansch, Spittelberg Jazz Orchester, Dominik Fuss’ Rumpus, Matthias Löscher, Ilse Riedler’s “Strange Ahead”, Falb Fiction, Jure Pukl, Christoph Auer, Bastian Stein, Mono&Nikitaman, TY, TEXTA, Blumentopf,  Blak Twang, Mareike Tiede, Klemens Renoldner, Fatima Spar, Louie Austen, Harry Sokal, Martin Eberle, Theater Ecce, BigBand der Volksoper Wien.

As a touring musician i’ve had the great pleasure to perform all over Europe as well as in North America, Africa and Asia.

Furthermore i have received the “Jahresstipendium für Musik des Landes Salzburg” and the “Hans Koller Prize – New York Scholarship”