acoustic and electronic keys composer | producer


an excerpt of my discography

– as a leader | co-leader | producer | composer:

Philipp Nykrin - Songbook

Philipp Nykrin | Songbook

released in february 2017

Philipp Nykrin | piano, synthesizer, seaboard


Fabian Rucker | saxophones

Martin Eberle | trumpet

FIVA | vocals

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Philipp Nykrin | Wire Resistance

released in february 2015

Philipp Nykrin | piano, synthesizer, electronics

Mario Rom | trumpet

Fabian Rucker | tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Stephan Kondert | bass

Andreas Lettner | acoustic & electronic drums

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Greatest Hits Vol.2

Namby Pamby Boy | Greatest Hits Vol.2

released in august 2014

Fabian Rucker | reeds

Philipp Nykrin | keys

Andreas Lettner | drums

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FIVA | Alles Leuchtet

released in june 2014

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Namby Pamby Boy | Lunchbreak

released in july 2011

Fabian Rucker | reeds

Philipp Nykrin | keys

Andreas Lettner | drums

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Design JPG's 2

Philipp Nykrin | Common Sense

released in october 2009

Philipp Nykrin | piano, synthesizers, electronics

Andi Tausch | guitar

Jojo Lackner | bass

Herbert Pirker | drums

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Hausmusik for Coulin

Hausmusik for Coulin | Hausmusik for Coulin

released in 2007

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Philipp Nykrin Trio | Open-Ended

released in june 2007

Philipp Nykrin | piano

Matthias Pichler | bass

Peter Kronreif  | drums

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– as a composer:


FIVA x JRBB | Keine Angst vor Legenden

released in october 2016

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– as a sideman | studio musician:


Lorenz Raab | Liwanzen

released in january 2016

Lorenz Raab | Trompete

Alois Eberl | Posaune, Akkordeon

Florian Klinger | Vibraphon

Philipp Nykrin | Keyboard, Seaboard

Simon Raab | Keyboard

Oliver Steger | Kontrabass

Rainer Deixler | Schlagzeug

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Cornelius Obonya & Das Ballaststofforchester Salzburg

Morgen muss ich fort von hier

released in 2015

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Julian Le Play | Melodrom

released in january 2014

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Blues 'n' Lovers

Blues ‘n’ Lovers | New Time Coming

released in 2013

Roman Watschinger | vocals

Herbert Könighofer | reeds, guitar, backing vocals

Philipp Nykrin | piano, organ, violin

Andreas Lettner | drums

Kris Jefferson | bass

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The Science Report | Fantastic Magic

released in 2013

Jahson the Scientist | rap, spoken word

Severin Trogbacher | guitar

Philipp Nykrin | keys

Gilbert Knotzer | bass

Herbert Pirker | drums

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Konstantin Wecker / Peter Blaikner | Till Eulenspiegel

released in january 2013

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m&n live

Mono & Nikitaman | Live

released in september 2012

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Rudolf Nykrin | Die Rhythmusreise mit dem roten Klapperbus

released in 2010

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Matthias Löscher | Thoughts&Ideas

released in april 2010

Matthias Löscher | guitar

Christoph Auer | reeds

Matthias Pichler | bass

Peter Kronreif | drums

LYLIT | vocals

Philipp Nykrin | fender rhodes

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raw glazed

S.K. Invitational | Raw Glazed

released in january 2010

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Ilse Riedler

Ilse Riedler | Strange Ahead

released in 2008

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