acoustic and electronic keys composer | producer

Namby Pamby Boy

Saxophonist Fabian Rucker, pianist Philipp Nykrin and drummer Andreas Lettner grew up playing, listening, and exploring music together, from Stravinsky to Monk, Aphex Twin to Arvo Pärt,  Dylan to J Dilla, and in doing so developed a healthy distaste for “genre,” ‘meaning,”  and “purity.”

Peering about a musical landscape littered with these concepts,  they built  NAMBY PAMBY BOY to circumvent the stifling encumbrance that these words represent.

Produced in their Vienna hi-tech-gear-head cave, their second record, Greatest Hits Vol.2, continues their quest of the indefinable.

NAMBY PAMBY BOY includes anything and everything and worships nothing –

except Fun, and the Extreme.

NAMBY PAMBY BOY.  Small batch music, handmade in Austria.