acoustic and electronic keys composer | producer


•  sun 17|09|17

New videos from my 5-part video-series recorded live at Wiener Konzerthaus have been released! Check them out:

•  fri 08|09|17

playing 3 shows with a very cool project during the upcoming days:

Gina Schwarz Unit

Gina Schwarz | bass, compositions

Fabian Rucker | reeds

Heimo Trixner | guitar

Diego Pinera | drums

Philipp Nykrin | piano, keys


•  sun 03|09|17

As summer in Vienna is coming to an end, i have some very exciting news: I’m VERY happy to announce the release of a 5-part video-series starting today on a weekly basis. It’s a selection of live-footage recorded at my “Carte Blanche” at Wiener Konzerthaus in february 2017.

This first video is a recording of my original composition “Final Boss” (my personal tribute to computer gaming music ), which is also featured on my current album “Songbook” (Listen Closely).

The upcoming videos will contain duos with Fabian Rucker (tenor saxophone) & Yasmin Hafedh (spoken word), another solo piece and a grand final featuring Philipp Nykrin’s Wire Resistance (with Mario Rom, Fabian Rucker, Stephan Kondert and Andreas Lettner).

Countless thanks to all the good folks who have contributed to making this happen (you know who you are)! Furthermore i want to give an extra big shoutout to Severin Dostal & (video and editing) and Fabian Rucker (best man, live-recording, mixing, mastering). And of course to Peter Polansky and Wiener Konzerthaus for having us!

Stay tuned for next weekend and spread the word!


•  sun 09|07|17

Back from a wonderful trip to Lisbon – Namby Pamby Boy performed at JIGG-Jazz im Goethe Garten 2017 (kindly supported by Goethe Institut and the Austrian Embassy in Portugal). One of the nicest and best organised festivals i’ve been to.



A special thanks to wonderful Rui Neves for inviting us!

A short track from my latest album “Songbook” is featured (amongst many great Austrian and international artists) on this by Jazzdination Radioshow hosted by David Helbock. Listen & share:

Right now i’m very much looking forward to two months with few but very special concert activities and more time to compose and practice. Stay tuned and have a good summer!


Photo by Severin Dostal/Julian Weidenthaler


•  wed 28|06|17

Back in office after a two-week hiatus due to reasons explained in this picture:


•  thu 25|05|17

I’ve had the great pleasure to perform at various awesome events during the last weeks.

As a first live-tryout, Fabian Rucker’s new Quintet has performed in Wien, Graz and Wels. This band is a very cool combination of contemporary jazz, song-like elements and beat/pattern-oriented music put in an all-acoustic setting (besides the electric guitar maybe). Plus its 5 good friends playing together, so its always gonna be fun. Look out for more activities with this band and feel free to check out a couple of recent live-videos (by highly recommended youtube-channel Jazz Explorer).

The opening ceremony of Wiener Festwochen is always a site to behold. This years event was hosted by stellar Conchita Wurst and featured many very special guests such as Willi Resetarits, Lylit, Yasmo and many more. I’ve had the great honour to accompany Conchita alongside a great band and terrific Wiener Symphoniker.

by André Karsai/

by André Karsai/

Photos by André Karsai

Also i’ve had the pleasure to perform alongside Yasmo&die Klangkantine, Olympique, and as a part of Lorenz Raab‘s birthday bash featuring “Liwanzen” and “Crème Proleau“.


•  fri 14|04|17

Don’t miss Lorenz Raab’s birthday bash at Porgy&Bess on saturday, April 22nd:

Lorenz Raab ‘RaaDie / Créme Proleau / Liwanzen’




•  tue 21|03|17

New video!


•  mon 20|03|17

“Songbook” review (in English) by Austrian Music Export.

Also – feel free to check out the press section.


•  tue 09|03|17

Today “Songbook” has been featured on German national televisions ARD-Mittagsmagazin. Good times!

Songbook is available on Listen CloselyAmazon or iTunes.


•  tue 07|03|17

Many thx to KlickKlack and BR-Klassik!



•  fri 03|03|17

I’ll be featured on BR-Klassik’s show KlickKlack hosted by Austrian percussionist Martin Grubinger next Monday on 11.15pm.

There’s a short preview available!

Also, i’ve had the pleasure to meet Ljubisa Tosic of Der Standard for an interview just before my CD release show at Wiener Konzerthaus.



•  thu 23|02|17

Philipp-Nykrin-Headshot.jpgWhat a wonderful evening and awesome experience that was! Many many thanks to everyone who came out to Wiener Konzerthaus yesterday, we’ve had a blast!
A big shout out to Yasmin Hafedh, Fabian Rucker, Mario Rom, Stephan Kondert, Andreas Lettner, Severin Dostal, Horst Pfaffelmayer/Goldchamber Mastering , Julian Weidenthaler/MOOI, Werner Zangerle, Martin Eberle, Nina Fiva Sonnenberg, Peter Polansky, Mari Romar and everyone else who contributed to the release of “Songbook” or the preparation of yesterdays “Carte Blanche Philipp Nykrin”.

“Songbook” is available at Listen Closely!

Thx for listening!
Photo by Severin Dostal/Artwork by MOOI


• mon 20|02|17

Listen to a preview of and interview on “Songbook” on Austrian National Radio Ö1.

The broadcast will be available online for 7 days!



• sat 18|02|17

Very cool “Songbook” review by MICA‘s Michael Ternai.



• mon 13|02|17


Welcome to the family!

My new album “Songbook” is here and right now, i’m heavily preparing for the cd-release-concert at Wiener Konzerthaus on february 22nd.

Unfortunately i also have to announce that Fiva, who is featured on one track on “Songbook” will not be performing at Konzerthaus due to health reasons.

However, i’m happy that incredible Vienna based rapper and poet Yasmo will join me for this concert as a more than equal substitute. Right now, Yasmo and i are preparing a special set of music and poetry for this occasion.



• wed 08|02|1716472927_1858132011141342_3745810532180255486_n.jpgI’ve had the great pleasure to travel to New York for a few days and participate in SK Invitationals first Album Release-Show. Many thanks to Austrian Cultural Forum New York and National Sawdust for having us. Photo by Arianna Fleur.

Check out SK Invitationals upcoming concerts in Europe.

The Album “Golden Crown” will be available on Kopfhörer Recordings:15672484_10154818401917065_7811577602324155590_n.jpg



• tue 31|01|17

A first interview on “Songbook” by MICA’s Michael Ternai.

Also – feel free to check out the press section.



• mon 23|01|17

Philipp Nykrin - Songbook.jpg

My new album “Songbook” will be available on february 22nd 2017.
It is a mixture of 4 solo tracks and 6 duos (featuring the amazing Fabian Rucker on saxophones, Martin Eberle on trumpet and Nina Fiva Sonnenberg on vocals).
My main instrument on the album is a beautiful old Bösendorfer grand piano, furthermore i’ve added some synthesizer and seaboard flavours here and there.

Many thanks to (amongst others) the good folks at Listen CloselyMOOI (album artwork), Severin Dostal (photography) and Goldchamber Mastering

Our release-celebration will of course take place at Wiener Konzerthaus.



• sat 10|12|16

Philipp Nykrin by Severin Dostal

I’m very happy to announce the release of my upcoming album at Wiener Konzerthaus on February 22th 2017!

Partners in Crime for this show are the fabulous Nina Fiva Sonnenberg and Mario Rom, Fabian Rucker, Stephan Kondert and Andreas Lettner joining me for a set playing music for Wire Resistance.

Stay tuned, more infos coming soon!



• tue 06|12|16


A couple of songs i composed and produced for FIVA‘s Album “Alles Leuchtet” back in 2014 have been re-recorded and -arranged by Jazzrausch BigBand for FIVA’s current Album “Keine Angst vor Legenden”.

Get the album on Kopfhoerer Recordings and feel free to check out my updated Discography.



• wed 16|11|16

This is going to take place in one month:


“December 2016 will see the premier of the KICK JAZZ festival in Porgy & Bess in Vienna. Focusing on the young Austrian jazz generation, the event will present six of the most sought after and successful bands of the Austrian jazz scene.”

Check out the whole article on Austrian Music Export

And get your tickets:

wed 14|12|16 (Kompost 3, chuffDRONE, David Helbock Trio)

thu 15|12|16 (Namby Pamby Boy, Mario Rom’s Interzone, Edi Nulz)

I’m very much looking forward to sharing the stage alongside all those great friends and colleagues. Many thanks to Music Information Center Austria for making all this possible!



• fri 23|09|16

Late summer and early autumn turned out to be quite busy and packed with (partly unexpected) concert activities: Olympique, Mnozil Brass’ Thomas Gansch, S.K.Invitational-Ambassadors and many more.

Also it was honoring to perform once more at famous Jazzfestival SaalfeldenNamby Pamby Boy opened up the Short Cuts concert series at Kunsthaus Nexus. A great review featured by “Salzburger Nachrichten” can be read in the press-section.

Right now i’m already looking forward to my musical portrait at Wiener Konzerthaus, which will take place on february 22nd.

Jazz im Konzerthaus 0916.jpg



• mon 10|08|16

Back in office after a 2 weeks vacation.




• mon 27|06|16

I’m VERY excited about this one:

JazznA Flyer Vorderseite.jpg

I’m part of the brand new Jazz’n’A series by famous Wiener Konzerthaus. The series consists of four musical portraits, each featuring a different young Austrian artist.

My “Carte Blanche” will take place on wednesday, february 22nd. Besides my quintet Wire Resistance and a solo set on grand piano and seaboard, the evening will a feature a world premiere: A duo with rapper/spoken-word artist Nina “Fiva” Sonnenberg.

Tickets for the series as a whole can be purchased here.

Tickets for the single concert will be available here starting september 5th.



• mon 20|06|16

During the last months my main focus has been on the finalization and release of Namby Pamby Boy‘s 3rd album. Since our release-party at Wiener Konzerthaus on april 8th, we’ve had the pleasure to perform twelve shows in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Bosnia. We’ve closed this concert series with our participation at the charity-event “Artist for Refugees” at Vienna’s Porgy&Bess. Our set featured a special guest appearance by ominous Austrian trumpet-guru Thomas Gansch.


We are very excited about more activities with this band that are being planned right now. Currently we are already very much looking forward towards a show at famous Jazzfestival Saalfelden on August 25th!

Check out the updated press-section for recent reviews and interviews on our latest release!